So after years and years of wanting one, I’ve finally gotten myself a website.  One of the things I was most excited about was being able to have a blog and tell people some stories about the crazy stuff I see and live some days.

This year is going to be nuts…I’ve already been gone on the road a bunch and been working on a lot of stuff that won’t appear until later in the year.  I’m super excited that I’m going to have shirts and stickers for sale after wishing and wishing that I’d be able to have something fun like that to share with all of my friends.
I want to come up with a bunch of different designs that you guys would enjoy.  We’ve got some fun ones on sale now, and some more fun designs coming up.  If you’ve got an idea for a shirt or a sticker, don’t be bashful! Shout it out!
I’ll still be very active on Twitter and Facebook, but this will be a place that I can share in much greater detail lots of fun stuff, especially behind the scenes details from Top Gear on History.
Thanks for checking out the site and hope you’ll come back and enjoy!