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Rutledge Wood is a simple man. What you see is literally what you get. Having derived his passion for owning and wrenching on cars from his Dad, Rutledge has owned over 60 cars. However, that’s not to say 60 nice cars. After answering a Craigslist ad, Rutledge got his first TV gig with SPEED. While at SPEED, Rutledge was tapped to co-host Top Gear on History, now in it’s sixth season. From SPEED he moved onto NBC Sports where he covers NASCAR and host of other motorsports. This summer he will be featured on NBC’s coverage of the Rio Olympics.


Big things happening!!!

Hey team! It's been a while! Too long, some might say. But that's what happens when you're busy. And man have I been busy. NASCAR on NBC is in full swing and the racing has been EPIC so far this year! Having Dale Jr in the broadcast booth is surreal. The level of...

SEMA 2017

Leaves are falling, there is a chill to the air and it's almost Halloween. That can only mean one thing...SEMA IS ALMOST HERE! I can't wait to get back out to Las Vegas to see the best the automotive industry has to offer. It's always one of my favorite weeks of the...

Hot Rod Power Tour Day 5: Leaving Dallas, TX for Oklahoma City, OK

All in all, the Top Gear Drive was a huge success. Folks came from all over just to see 3 guys that goof off in cars on TV, and we couldn't be more thankful. Some came as far as Wisconsin and even Maryland. WOW! Thanks to everyone that came out to support Speedway...

Hot Rod Power Tour Day 2 – Gonzales, LA to Baytown, TX

Well, after a little (very little) shut eye, we are back on the road. Today I have the pleasure of riding with my good friend and talented racecar driver, Ryan Eversley. Plus some friends from Continental Tire have joined the parade in a couple of bada$$ Lingenfelter...


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