On the road again! This time to Austin, TX and Circuit of the Americas. It was my first trip to COTA and I was ready to get there. After our troubles the previous days, we decided to get on the road a littler earlier this time to ensure we made it to the venue.

We departed Baytown and started traveling via interstate. Once we put a few miles behind us, we jumped off and started finding back roads. We saw a sign for LaGrange, TX and immediately knew we had to go. You don’t go to Texas and just drive past LaGrange. It was lovely and best of all, they had an amazing bakery just outside the city. Needless to say we loaded up.
After passing through a few more small towns we arrived at COTA. This place is next level and first class all the way around. Continental and Petty’s Garage invited us to park one of the Evil Twins and the Tundra in their booth. We found some great friends at Tremec that made space for the other Evil Twin (since she has a TKO 500 trans).
The Evil Twins were a big hit at COTA. Hot Rod Magazine shot a piece where I walked their viewers through the builds and told the story of the cars. Next, Chevy Performance wanted to shoot a feature on the Camaro for their blog, The Block. Here we ran into one of my favorite gals, and host of tomorrow nights drive in, Emily Williams!
At the end of the day, we witnessed a wedding! Yes a wedding! Right on the Hot Rod stage. They even had automotive themed vows which were perfect! That’s how we capped the day before heading back to the hotel and getting some much needed AC. It was a hot one!
Check out the videos and pics of Day 3 below.