Finally the great news is here! Top Gear returns August 14th at 9/8c.  There will be 6 shows airing now, and another 10 shows that will air sometime after the beginning of next year.

We’ve been working really hard for the past few months to get these done and I hope everyone will love them.

I’m going to try and live tweet as many of the shows as I can.  I think because of our schedule in trying to shoot the next 10 shows, I might not be able to do all of them, but it’s lots of fun to get to chat with all of you.

Since it’s going to be such a big month, I wanted to do something fun to say thanks…thanks to all of you that support me and thanks to all the companies that support me.  SO, I’ll be using my fan page on Facebook and my Twitter account to make it all happen.

There’s going to be all kinds of fun stuff I’m giving out..t-shirts, hats, shoes, shirts I’ve worn on TV, tickets, and tons more fun stuff! Big thanks to Globe, Rogue Status/DTA, Volatile, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Fulcrum Tactical, and more!

See you guys on August 14th! Mark your calendars!