So, tonight is the season finale of Top Gear..I realize that’s a little bit confusing, so let me explain.

We did 10 shows the first season.  Then, we got the green light to shoot 10 more shows for season 2. Well History watched some of the stuff we shot for season 2 and liked it so much that they ordered 6 more shows, so in an effort to get the shows out quicker to those who wanted to see them, we finished 8 and aired those, and then worked on the 2nd half of the season and that’s what’s been airing for the last two months.

TV’s funny how not everything airs right after we shoot it…For example, on last week’s show where I flipped the SuperLite truck, that was last April.  That’s the most extreme example I think we’ve had, but sometimes it happens like that.

This week’s a really fun one…the producers called us and said “Pick the worst car you can for one of the other hosts…they’re going to do the same for you.”  GAME ON!  SO I searched high and low and somehow found the perfect car….You’ll have to see what it was.

Also, T shirts are finally going on sale this week! YEAH !!! Go check ‘em out! We’ve got some new stickers too…some funky ones are on their way too because my cousin Andy who’s an amazing artist and elementary school art teacher in Chicago is working on some new designs as we speak.

I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy so I’ve always loved sites like BustedTees, Snorg Tees, and of course Threadless (which is way cool if you haven’t seen it) so I think we’re going to make some fun ones too that might not have anything to do with anything else 🙂

Big thanks to Victor from Emergency Hookers Towing (Great name!) who’s our transport guy on TopGear for helping me get my Chevy K5 Blazer home to me in Atlanta.  It’s the one that had the boat tail on it in the show where we went through Death Valley…I love that thing and can’t wait to take that bad boy on some trails and get it in the mud!  Look for pics in the Garage real soon.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this season of Top Gear and I hope I get to do a “We get to do season 3”  blog very soon!