****UPDATE 8/8 8:30PM  Congrats to today’s winner…JASON STEVENSEN!  Jason correctly answered that DTA brought a rad Scion XB with a turbo Supra swap to the Top Gear set to let the guys bang it around.  SICK!!!  Thanks to all who participated in the week of DTA give aways.   We will be doing more give away throughout the rest of the month with different friends, so keep your eyes peeled.


Last day of DTA give away week, and today’s prize pack really is grand.  5 shirts, 2 hats and a hoodie!  Who wouldn’t want that?  Take a second to check out DTA’s website and store.  Or if you are in Venice, drop in and say hey.  Don’t forget to “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Big thanks to my friends Yo and Jasper, and everyone at DTA for supplying all of these awesome items I was able to give away this week.


DTA/Rogue Status came out to the set of TopGear and brought a car for us to thrash on.  What kind of car was it ?


On my website I will post a trivia question pertaining to the sponsor that has provided that day’s prize. I will link to the question from Twitter and Facebook.  You must answer the question correctly within an hour of it being asked, and you MUST like or follow the sponsor on Facebook or Twitter in order to be eligible to win.  Please submit answers to @rutledgewood on Twitter, my fan page on Facebook, or in the comments section below.  One correct respondent will be chosen at random from Twitter, Facebook or my website.