What’s up everyone!

The off season from NASCAR is almost over, which means I’ll be heading to Daytona soon for Speedweeks, but before that, Top Gear is back on History with 10 shows to close out season 3, starting January 29th @ 9pm EST.

We have had so much fun this season shooting Top Gear…I can’t wait for you guys to see the shows.  But that’s not all the news I have to share…

We’ve been really busy behind the scenes making it all happen, but I’m so proud to tell you guys that I’m one of the new owners of Volatile Style clothing.  It’s a small brand made right here in Atlanta that was started by two friends, Guy Haynie and Brandon Paul.  We’ve got some really fun ideas of fun shirts, hoodies, and more to bring you guys.

I’ve always been really fascinated by street wear and especially automotive inspired gear, and that’s what we’re going to be pumping out.  Check out the website Volatile Style.

We’re also bringing Rutspeed to the masses!  A couple years before I started traveling with SPEED, I was planning on opening an auto repair/ car sales shop that I was going to call Rutspeed.  We made some stickers for all of my friends, and we’ve all been rocking them quietly ever since.  Well, it’s time to let that little secret out and have some fun with it!

First edition Rutspeed shirts are available for preorder.  All orders placed between now and the end of tomorrow night’s Top Gear premier will receive $2 off  of the retail price!  The shirts are in printing as of this writing and should be available to ship in 7-10 days. You can get your’s here.

What is Rutspeed?  I guess it’s sort of the pace that I live at in one respect…but it’s also a love for people and a love for cars of all kinds.  I think what makes all of us car people click is the fact that cars/bikes/trucks/whatever all strike a chord in our hearts.  WE all have fun memories about family trips, or our first car, or maybe even our first race.  I like all kinds of crazy and weird cars, and let’s be honest, the aftermarket industry is so big because people love to express themselves through what they own and drive.

So what vehicle best represents Rutspeed and Volatile?  Well, I think it’s a 1949 Chevy Step Van. IMG_1439

But not just any step van…one built by an amazing shop called American Resto Mods in Buford, GA.  This aluminum bodied monster is going to be sitting on a ’99 Chevy 2500 HD frame, complete with a thumping fuel injected Chevy LS engine and beautiful Magnaflow exhaust on it.

Tons and tons of custom work will be done to make this thing cruise down the road, and I knew I needed to do it right and find a shop that I could trust, and I hit a home run with ARM.  I found them through my friend Tracy Shayhorn, who’s a jack of all trades in the autmotive world.  She’s a drifter, a performance shop owner, and she writes for a bunch of different outlets.

The big push for the ’49 is to get it ready for the Hot Rod Power Tour.  This is a cross country parade of awesome cars that Hot Rod does every year.  I’ve always wanted to be a part of it, and my friend Kyle Petty does too, so we’re going to make it happen this year.  We’re pretty pumped since it’s a southern route this year, so for once we know we can make it happen.

You can follow the build of the ’49 here but you can see it in person at any of the shows that Volatile will be hitting up this summer and beyond.

SO, that’s a huge blog for now and if you made it this far, thank you.  Keep an eye out for some killer Volatile stuff, Rutspeed, my ’49 Chevy, and most of all, Top Gear starting January 29th ! See you guys on tv…and thanks for all the support! Much love!